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Deck Ovens Financing or Lease Options

Do you need to lease one of our deck ovens? For less than the cost of a pizza a day, you can lease to own a Roto-Flex Oven. Here are the advantages of leasing. There is a link at the end for the lease application.

Deck Ovens - Understanding the Advantages of LEASING

Conserves capital
When leasing equipment you make only monthly payments. Your cash reserves may be used for more important purposes as to finance additional company growth.
Preserves credit lines AT THE BANK
The credit for which you qualify today may not be available to you tomorrow if you exhaust your line of credit at your local bank with a major purchase. By leasing equipment you preserve valuable Bank credit lines, but still tap those financial resources you need.
Total Financing
100% of equipment costs may be financed through a lease. Freight, installation, and some incidental charges may be worked into your specialized program.
Protection from obsolescence
Leasing helps your company keep up with a changing industry without assuming the risks of either functional or technological obsolescence.
Payments from pre-tax earnings
Lease payments may be tax-deductible and save you even more than depreciation and after-tax cash flow.
Savings under changing tax laws
Monthly lease payments are generally fixed for the duration of the lease. This allows you to manage cash flow, and plan ahead, thanks to laws that extend depreciation periods for most equipment purchases.
Fixed monthly payments
Purchasing equipment forces you to rely on depreciation to recover costs. Leasing puts inflation on your side by continually decreasing the real cost of lease payments because you pay with tomorrow's eroded dollars.

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