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Professional Commercial Deck Ovens

Roto-Flex: Commercial Grade Rotating Deck Oven, Going Green?

Professional ovens are many, see how Roto-Flex deck ovens are more energy efficient than ever before.

Roto-Flex deck ovens are designed with several important innovations that keep the heat inside the oven, where it belongs.

  • The interior is lit with two 250 watt halogen bulbs, you can view your masterpiece without opening doors.
  • The air curtain across the doors keeps heat inside the oven and maintains temperature with the doors down.
  • Fast and efficient recovery preheats to 500 degrees F in less than 30 minutes.
  • Six inch thick, high density, 1000 degree insulation keeps the heat inside the oven. The exterior and kitchen remain cool and comfortable.
  • A top and bottom heat baffle help distribute heat evenly across the decks resulting in less energy per pizza and better profits.
  • Gas fired system pushes out a maximum 320,000 BTU/Hr utilizing natural gas and propane.
  • The Electrical system is 120 Volts 60 Hertz, Single Phase, 20 Amps.

Keeping the heat inside the oven will help to reduce your energy bills. Commercial deck ovens radiate heat and they try to keep up by burning more gas. The Roto-Flex oven is insulated so that less gas is consumed to keep it warm. Professional conveyor ovens use 220 volt electric and gas and can have very high energy bills because they are open and have to keep churning out the heat. For a restaurant that is doing 1000 pizzas a week you’re looking at about a $500 gas bill. For a pizzeria producing 2500 pizzas a week you’re looking at $1000 bill. To get that volume using a traditional commercial grade deck oven you’d have to have two or three deck ovens and your energy bill could potentially be around $2500. The Roto-Flex deck oven truly does give you the ability to cook like a deck oven but produce like a conveyor.

If you'd like more information about the Roto-Flex rotating deck oven or wish to speak with a representative please call 877-859-1463 or contact us today.

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